Magician Show
Godfrey the Magician interacts with audience members Declan Messick, 7, (center) and twin sisters Emily and Amelia Hall, 6, during a performance at the Mid-winter Fair & Fiesta. | Elizabeth Villa photo

Abracadabra! Fair Magician Makes Laughter Appear

IMPERIAL VALLEY — “Let me show you how a magician makes some money,” Godfrey The Magician announces as he opens his magic act at the California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta holding a 1922 silver dollar. He is carrying a bucket to drop in all the money he is about to collect during this performance. 

“I will need a volunteer from the audience;” says Godfrey, and Declan Messick, 7, runs up.  Godfrey understands the excitement of Declan as he started doing magic at the age of seven.  

On this day, March 3, there is a limited amount of kids and adults in the seats; but those there are treated like royalty and participated on and off stage.  

Before you know it, Godfrey is pulling out silver dollars from Declan’s head as if he were a piggy bank.  He goes on to tell the girls, “This is a good one to date.”

Missing Ear

Silver dollars are being pulled out from Declan’s head, pockets, mouth and ears.  Godfrey puts the coin in one ear and takes it out of the other, all the while the audience is hearing silver dollars fall into the bucket. When Godfrey takes the coin out of Declan’s right ear, he accidentally takes his ear with it too (a plastic one) and shows it to Declan.  Declan immediately checks his ear to see if it was still there.  He sighs with relief after he feels his ear.  

Godfrey encourages the audience that if they want to try the silver dollar magic act up the nose they might want to start with a dime first, and the audience chuckles in response. 

Several magic acts follow.  At one point he has two twin sisters age 6, Emily and Amelia Hall, and Declan was in the middle. 

“This is a brave boy to be in the middle of two girls,” Godfrey says as he performs magic with foam balls, and they multiply right in front of their eyes.  

Magic Bonnet

Bo Messick, Declan’s sister of 5, also comes up to help in an act where she rips a piece of colored paper. Then the audience is asked to hold their magic hands toward them and say “poof, poof, poof.”  As the pieces that Bo ripped unravel, they end up coming together and forming a sun bonnet placed on Bo’s head.  She is amazed and unable to understand how this was done.   

So girls start getting dollars at very young age, Godfrey jokes.  He goes out into the audience and sees a lady with her hair up in a bun.  As if opening a combination lock, Godfrey says, “Two times to the left, two times to the right,” and then a whole bunch of coins came out of the lady’s hair bun. 

“You will have to change the combination now,” Godfrey says to the lady as she laughs.

As Godfrey is talking about his mother’s homemade dark chocolate, he starts to balance 10 silver dollar coins, one on each finger.  You can do this too if you have no social life, he jokes.

Following a story of why he gets his cards at Costco, Godfrey starts a card act with Kristi Messick, mom of Declan and Bo.  She picks the 3 of spades.  A member of the audience is asked for a number.  Then Kristi writes the number given (7) on the 3 of spades card.  The cards are cut and Godfrey opens a wallet that contains a prize envelope inside.  To their surprise, it is the 3 of spades with the number 7 written on it.

Next is the hoop act and the twins are visibly excited to be up on stage with Godfrey performing.  He tells them how it takes years to master the hoop act, and then one of the twins took it apart within seconds.  The parents will most likely never forget this memory of their children happily jumping and dancing on stage, while performing magic acts.

This story is featured in the Mar 12, 2020 e-Edition.

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