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Calexico Unified School District Board of Trustees

Two seats are available on the Calexico Unified School District Board of Trustees. Incumbents Enrique “Kiki” Alvarado and Michael Castillo are being challenged by Margarita Magallanes.

Enrique “Kiki” Alvarado

Name:  Enrique “Kiki” Alvarado

Age: 43

City of residence: Calexico

Current employment: Imperial County

Political experience: Currently serving on Calexico school board, and on Southern Border Committee. Previously served on IVROP board as well

Employment history (last 10 years): Imperial County

Education: A.A. in social science (Imperial Valley College), B.A. in business management (University of Phoenix), Masters in Public Administration (National University)

Reasons for running and top issues:

I, Enrique Alvarado, am seeking re-election for the governing board of the Calexico Unified School District because I want to continue to strengthen the bonds between our schools and our community. I will continue to deliver what the residents of Calexico want – which is for our students to have the best materials and facilities, our teachers to have the finest tools and classrooms we can give them, parents should have more opportunities to participate in their children’s education, and our community should have increased trust and communication with our school leadership. I hold degrees in business management and public administration, so I am familiar with ways to achieve these goals, but more important than my formal education is my experience as a parent. My wife and I have four children which have attended and is attending Calexico Unified School District, and what I wish for them is what I want for all students in our district. Our community’s students deserve the highest standard of education that will lead them to their place as tomorrow’s leaders, and I, Enrique Alvarado, pledge to continue to work with the board to make sure this happens. Thank you for your support and vote.

Michael Castillo

Name: Michael Castillo

Age: 50

City of residence: Calexico

Family (optional): Married with three children

Current employment: Imperial County Office of Education, senior director, Early Care & Education Programs

Political experience: Two terms Calexico Unified School District Board of Trustees

Employment history (last 10 years): Imperial County Office of Education, senior director, Early Care & Education Programs; El Centro Elementary School District, middle school principal

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions:

Calexico Educational Foundation
Imperial County School Boards Association – delegate member
Brown Bag Coalition
Imperial Valley Down Syndrome Association
Calexico Neighborhood House board (past)
Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program (past)

Education: B.S. Physiology and Neurology, UCSD; M.S. Educational Technologies, National University; California Teaching Credential, SDSU; California Administrative Credential, SDSU

Reasons for running and top issues:

I am running for a seat on the school board as I have the desire to advocate and help our children and families improve their lives and future through quality education, schools, and services. I have the educational background, experience and understanding of issues and challenges to contribute to the advancement of the district. I am able to serve the district as an ethical, compassionate, accountable, and professional member in order to meet the needs of the district. I want to continue serving the district, the Calexico community, and see through the projects we have started or have been working on over the past couple of years.

Information regarding my priorities can be found at www.michaelcastillo.org and include:

Student Achievement – I will continue working to improve the quality of educational services, curriculum, resources, and opportunities of our students.

21st Century Learning – Now more than ever is it important for children to be critical thinkers and information literate. I will continue to support the acquisition, access, and appropriate use of educational technology resources for teaching and learning.

Health and Safety – I will work to ensure that our students and staff have access to appropriate safety precautions, PPE and facilities to provide safe working and learning environments.

Fiscal responsibility – Oversite of the district funds is a crucial responsibility of board members. I will work to ensure that funds are appropriately utilized, and the district remains solvent in the challenging years to come.

Facilities – I will work to ensure that the district continues to provide clean, safe and modern learning environments for teaching and learning. This would include working to ensure that existing facility projects such as new student classrooms are completed.

Visit my website at www.michaelcastillo.org for additional information.

Margarita Magallanes

Name: Margarita Magallanes

Age: 30

City of residence: Calexico

Current employment: Magallanes Financial Service/Dentsonborder 

Employment history (last 10 years): Magallanes Financial Services

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions: President of Winter-Garden Toastmasters, member of MANA, Imperial Valley Book Club

Reasons for running and top issues:

Native of Calexico. Founder of Magallanes Financial Service and co-owner of Dentsonborder. I specialize in tax planning and compliance for businesses and individuals. I have over 10 years of experience in the financial and insurance industry. Mother of four daughters raising and developing with my partner to future entrepreneurs.

Having a plan in place that will attract the best and the brightest teachers to Calexico Unified School District. 

Creating a long-term vision mapping a course that provides the necessary opportunities students need to reach their full potential. 

Modernizing classrooms and facilities where our students learn and teachers teach. 

I look forward to serving our children and teachers.  

Advocating for each and every child in our district.

Elect Margarita Magallanes for Calexico Unified School District Board of Trustees.  

Vote by Nov. 3.

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