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Race for Calexico City Council

Four seats are available on the Calexico City Council: three four-year seats and one two-year seat. For the full-term seats, incumbents Bill Hodge and Lewis Pacheco and appointed incumbent Camilo Garcia face challengers Jason Jung, Joong Kim, Michael “Chris” Mayne, Javier Moreno, and Gloria G. Romo. For the short-term seat, appointed incumbent Morris Reisen faces Michael Anthony Jeffers and Raul Ureña. Jung did not provide a profile by the deadline.

Four-year (full) term

Camilo Garcia

Name: Camilo Garcia

Age: 47

City of residence: Calexico

Family: Wife, Hortencia Armendariz; three children, Cesar, Alejandro, and Camilo Jr., and a granddaughter, Cassidy.

Current employment: Imperial County Workforce and Economic Development Office, program and compliance manager.

Political experience: Current appointed council member

Employment history (last 10 years): 19 years with Imperial County Workforce and Economic Development Office

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions: Calexico High School Site Council member, Casa del Retiro Board of Directors.

Education: Social science degree currently in progress, projected completion Spring 2021

Reasons for running and top issues:

I have been a Calexico resident for the last 19 years and happily married to Hortencia Armendariz for the same amount of years. Together, we have a beautiful family, three children, Cesar, Alejandro and Camilo Jr. and a granddaughter, Cassidy.

All of these years, I have spent my time observing from the sidelines attending council meetings and listening attentively to the issues affecting our beloved city. I will be honored to continue to serve you as your councilmember.

My experience in workforce development as well as business services are just two of the many great assets that I can continue to offer for the betterment of our city. I have worked throughout Imperial County as Employment Coordinator, Business Services Supervisor, and Program and Compliance Manager, addressing these two important needs for both job seekers and local businesses.

Quality of life issues, financial stability, police and fire protection and economic development initiatives will continue to be a priority on my agenda.

I am fiscally conservative, but most of all, I am transparent with every decision. I am here for all and will serve you in a professional and a courteous manner.

I ask for your support, please vote for Camilo Garcia!

Bill Hodge

Name:  Bill Hodge

Age: 68

City of residence: Calexico

Current employment: Retired educator/part-time educator

Political experience: Two terms as City Council member and twice mayor of the city of Calexico. Total 10 years’ experience. 

Employment history (last 10 years): Social science/economics and U.S. government teacher for the Calexico Unified School District.

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions: Imperial County Transportation commissioner, committee member for Sothern California Association of Governments

Education: Three BAs (Social science, special education, and theatre arts.)

Reasons for running and top issues:

Good day Calexico,

I am running again for a seat on the City Council for 2020. I am a candidate that is honest, has integrity, character, and a strong work ethic. I am not perfect, I have made mistakes and have learned from them, but in the 10 years I have served Calexico I have not done one thing wrong that can be construed as corrupt, dishonest or unlawful evidence or lack of, and my record speaks for itself.

I love this city and want the very best for you and your families. I want to help fulfill your needs, I want to help give you hope and give you results, like higher quality jobs, cleaner environment, more restaurants and businesses, and better affordable housing.

What Calexico needs now is someone like me that is experienced, stable and will work very hard for the city. Please help me to continue the vision, stability, and progress for Calexico. Vote for me, Bill Hodge for City Councilman. It’s a vote for experience, maturity, stability, and steady leadership.

Imperial Irrigation District Director Division 4
Joong Kim

Name:  Joong Kim

Age: 68

City of residence: Calexico

Family: Married with two sons and three granddaughter

Current employment: Self-employed at Family Touch 99

Political experience: Two and half years, Calexico Unified School District board; four years, Calexico City Council; and one year, mayor in city of Calexico

Employment history (last 10 years): self-employed

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions: Imperial County Children and Families First Commission member (current)

Education: in South Korea

Reasons for running and top issues:

Calexico is an underserved area by lack of administration and representation by its elected officials. Because we failing to elect right representatives. We are voting for friends recommended by someone’s personal interest or paid by. Therefore, we are paying the price with high unemployment rates and living conditions. Look at what we have.

As a small business owner and homeowner in Calexico, I will be your “watchdog” if you vote for me as a council member in city of Calexico. I want complete transparency to safeguard our financing, health, safety, and services to citizens’ needs. Having served as an elected official for both Calexico City Council and the Calexico school district. I have the experience in government issues and policies.

The water bills in Calexico have been increasing and it has created a financial hardship for many seniors and families. It is well documented that Calexico is spending our public funds on too many attorneys, contractors, consultants, and developers. I want to protect the rights of our taxpayers and expose the questionable deals that the city has been involved with.

My agenda: Cleaning government by investigative audit on city, financing, contracting process, and council members activities on city financing and others for personal gain to benefit special interest groups, more contracting for local jobs and no more special deals, senior support program, lighting parks and street, lower water rates for residents, promote environmental, health and safety, bring grant for help needy citizens, and help on locally own small business and employment. The bottom line is that we need start to clean the all the leeches and should have a real proactive plan for actual progress using resources and to rebuild our great city of Calexico for our citizens. My vision is for our community to grow and keep it united.

Michael “Chris” Mayne

Name: Michael “Chris” Mayne

Age: 34

City of residence: Calexico      

Current employment: Real Estate broker

Political experience: One previous run for Calexico City Council, 2008

Employment history (last 10 years): Self/same

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions: Former Planning Commissioner, Economic Development Commissioner

Education: Associate of Arts, social science, Imperial Valley College

Reasons for running and top issues:

Top 3 focal points include: Business development/economic sustainment, recreation, and public safety.

My reason for running is my passion for Calexico to thrive and bring new fresh ideas to the council. I believe my skill set with strong background in business and development will be the spark the council could use to the benefit all citizens of Calexico. CALEXICO FIRST!!

Javier Moreno

Name: Javier Moreno

Age: 60

City of residence: Calexico

Current employment:  Special Agent (Ret.)

Political experience: My political experience gained previously running for City Council in 2018, and by critical and thoughtful observation of other politicians. The extent of my political experience before had been being a voter and just doing some entry-level volunteering on a campaign — knocking on a few doors and making a couple of phone calls, including a few mentors I admired from a distance. All of those were very useful skills in running for office and acquiring political experience.

Employment history (last 10 years): California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions:

1. Calexico Wellness Center, board president

2. WomanHaven, board president

3. Imperial County Continuum of Care Council, member

4. Imperial County Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council, member

5. CUSD, Measure V Citizen Oversight Committee, member

6. Brown Bag Coalition, citizen volunteer

7. American Productivity & Quality Center, fellow

8. Calexico Schools Safety Coalition, co-founder

9. Calexico Police Officers Association, past president

10. Imperial County Red Ribbon Coalition, past co-chair

11. City of Calexico Personnel Commission, former commissioner


Doctorate in management and organizational leadership

Master’s in criminal justice

Reasons for running and top issues:

I am running for City Council because I want to improve communication and transparency. Be a stronger voice for Calexico through my applicable skill set while being mindful of the needs of our community. Work alongside citizens and engage with them, ensuring everyone is heard and involve their voice to increase resident involvement in discussing issues. Performance, legislation, and oversight will ensure taxpayers get their money’s worth whereas the decisions I make will improve on the quality in our city. My position guarantees Calexico’s diversity is represented throughout city government and by taking an active role in setting priorities. A few top priorities include economic development, health, and public safety. We have no economic development and our next generation of college graduates have no opportunities to return to our valley and attain well paid, professionally fulfilling jobs. We need to stimulate economic development and job creation by attracting and vigorously promoting businesses that want to do business in Calexico.

Also, diversify our economy, so we do not experience the cycle of booms and busts, especially through this pandemic an economic downturn in the economy has been challenging. The pandemic has solidified the need and urgency to diversify our economy to open for business, prioritizing the health of our residents and city workers. Another issue is homelessness because the lack of affordable housing makes it difficult for many families to live in Calexico. Important issues like corruption, political infighting and interference and poor oversight are issues affecting our city. These have far-reaching repercussions for service delivery and contribute. I want to empower our citizens by creating pathways that give citizens relevant tools to engage and participate in their governments — identify priorities, problems and find solutions. This I will be working with the people to change behavior and monitor progress.

Lewis Pacheco

Name: Lewis Pacheco

Age: 73

City of residence: Calexico

Family: Wife, Anna Lisa Pacheco; three adult children

Current employment: Retired school administrator

Political experience: Two-term City Councilman

Education: B.A., social science, San Diego State University-Imperial Valley; California Teaching Life Credential, SDSU-IV; administrative credential, SDSU-IV; Master’s counselor education, University of San Diego.

Reasons for running and top issues:

My main priorities are:

1) for the city to continue to maintain our general fund with positive end of the year fund balances. We have quarterly budget updates from our business department and know exactly how we stand financially in each department. All of our expenditures are closely monitored.

2) continue to provide support for our Fire and Police Departments, no defunding of our PD, we need to provide the city with the protection that they require to maintain a safe and secure city for our citizens.

3) downtown businesses will also be needing a shot in the arm after this pandemic, which has caused closures and late opening for our merchants, we will be providing as much assistance for them and looking for other grants to assist. We currently are providing a Community Development Block Grant to assist for profit and nonprofit organizations in our city.

4) street maintenance, I would like to continue and provide street repavement projects, we have spent well over $18,000,000 in the four years of my tenure, these work projects provide for our citizens safe access on streets for both pedestrians and vehicles.

5) our Port of Entry, our wait times are way too long. Those individuals needing to cross as they provide needed essential jobs in our community and Valley. The economy is also affected by those not willing to cross because of the wait times is distressing. Our southern neighbors bring life back into our city and valley. I will work hard with county and city officials on this issue to expedite our wait times.

These are some of the issues of concern that I would like to continue and maintain our progress. We will move this city forward despite the challenges that we are facing. I offer honesty, transparency, and a commitment to Keep the Citizens of Calexico First. A vote for Pacheco is a vote for Calexico!

Gloria Guadalupe Romo

Name: Gloria Guadalupe Romo

City of residence: Calexico

Family: Two daughters and two sons. They all studied from kindergarten to high school in the Calexico school district, each of them was enrolled in different universities and educational institutions.

Current employment: Financial advisor

Political experience: Eight years (four in Calexico Unified School District and four in Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District)

Employment history (last 10 years): Substitute teacher, financial advisor and hospital administration in B.C.

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions: Affiliated with the Democratic party and non-profit organizations, and CUSD board chair in 2010/11 and 2018/19 at HMHD.

Education: Degree in economics from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara and MBA from the National University of San Diego.

Reasons for running and top issues:


– Honesty and transparency,

– Represent Calexico’s citizenry honorably by listening and acting impartially

– Improve the quality of life of our citizens during and after the pandemic.

– Main attention in the financial resources of the city.

– Improve and support services, especially water, lighting, cleaning, police, fire, housing, health, employment, and programs related to older adults.

– Promote commercial and industrial investment.

– Review of all types of rates.

I hope you will join me in my quest to represent each of you and our beloved Calexico.

We need a strong and prepared government.

Two-year (short) term

Michael Anthony Jeffers

Name: Michael Anthony Jeffers

Age: 29

City of residence: Calexico

Current employment: Unemployed (due to COVID-19)

Political experience: United Domestic Workers of America

Employment history (last 10 years): Frito Lay, Spectrum, Olive Garden, Wells Fargo

Education: Currently working toward bachelor’s in psychology

Reasons for running and top issues:

I’ve decided to run because when I was in junior high and high school, I remember my parents complaining about how Calexico was. I also remember my friends’ parents and basically the older generation always talking about issues within our city. Basically, the main problem was corruption. I feel that a lot of the problems that our council today faces are problems from the past, just so many things that they haven’t been able to handle or catch up on.

The main problem with Calexico is corruption and we need to break this cycle and find people who truly care about the city, and until that issue is fixed, that’s the day that Calexico will start to move forward and stop being 30 years in the past. I feel that we’re stuck in the past and we need to become a larger city, a more up-to-date city, and catch up, because we have so much potential here, and it’s sad because a lot of people don’t see it or even believe it.

The saddest part to me is that people don’t believe in our officials. They basically gave up on the city and on hope, but I really want to bring something to the city that’s fresh, that’s new, that makes people care, and it makes them want to get more involved with the city and give them some sort of hope and motivation. I also want to be an example, and hopefully, I can motivate others to run for election no matter what department, but I just feel that we need newer faces, younger faces, but most important, new ideas!

Morris Reisin

Name: Morris Reisin

Age: 66

City of residence: Calexico

Current employment: Retired

Political experience: 19 months

Employment history (last 10 years): Self-employed sports store

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions: Chairman Personnel Commission; chairman, Business Improvement District; Chamber of Commerce board of directors; vice president, Senior Club “Los Amigos”

Education: 1.5 years college

Reasons for running and top issues: 

I always considered myself the sixth council. Always involved in politics. I felt compelled in running due to the fact that the previous council for the last eight years with their bickering and fighting, our city did not progress showing stagnation. I have a knack of being a person of few words and excessive action.

In my 19 months as council, I have cleaned up downtown Calexico by gating the alleys. I have pushed for lighting in Reisin Field. There are projects pending and need my expertise. Two years on this timeline should suffice if I’m voted in by my constituents.

Vote Morris Reisin for Calexico City Council. Thank you.

Raul Ureña

Name: Raúl Ureña

Age: 23

City of residence: Calexico

Family: Family in Calexico. Mom, dad, sister, and other members of the family across Calexico/Mexicali. Families originally moved to the Calexico/Mexicali region a couple generations ago from Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, and Jalisco as farmworkers.

Current employment: N/A, recently graduated (summer 2020) into a pandemic

Political experience: Community advocate over the years, starting in ninth grade as a Calexico student pushing to stop teacher cuts. Continued to organize for student equity issues to this day. I came out of advocacy as a student for the students.

Employment history (last 10 years):

-Technology, management, and productivity advisor for Calexico Neighborhood House (summer of ’16, ’17)

-Microbusiness specialist for Calexico Neighborhood House (summer of ’16)

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions:

IV Equity Justice member

IV Social Justice volunteer

Endorsed by Imperial County Democratic Central Committee

Education: B.A., economics, University of California, Santa Cruz

Reasons for running and top issues:

Hello neighbor, my name is Raúl Ureña.

I am a candidate for Calexico City Council (two-year seat)

My priorities include:

-Affordable and sustainable housing

-Clean air and water

-Public transit for all

-Better access to grocery and commerce

-Local infrastructure investment for local commerce

-Expand access to healthcare services

I have published my platform online so the community can read how I plan to achieve these goals.

Give us a visit at

I am available to chat or take questions through phone, text, email, social media and directly though our website. I look forward to a safe and vibrant community conversation on our goals moving forward.

Call/text (SMS): 7603946077


Instagram and Facebook: @urena.campaign

I am committed to opening a new chapter of progress for our city and border community.

Hola vecino, mi nombre es Raúl Ureña.

Soy candidato al Consejo municipal de Calexico para el puesto de 2 años.

Mis prioridades incluyen:

-Viviendas económicas y sustentables

-Aire y agua limpia para los ciudadanos

-Ampliar transporte publico

-Ampliar acceso a mercados

-Inversión de infraestructura para desarrollar comercio local

-Ampliar acceso a servicios de salud

He publicado mis planes de cómo llegar a estos objetivos en mi página de internet

Visítenos por internet en

Estoy a su disposición para platicar sobre cualquier tema o pregunta que usted tenga sobre el municipio de Calexico. Espero ver discusión dinámica en la comunidad sobre el tema de mejorar en este ciclo electoral. Me puede comunicar por teléfono, texto (sms), correo electrónico, medios sociales o por el sitio web (

Teléfono/texto (sms): (760)394-6077

Correo electrónico:

Instagram y Facebook: @urena.campaign

Sigo comprometido abrir comenzar un nuevo capítulo de progreso en la política de Calexico y nuestra comunidad fronteriza.

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