Sec. of State Padilla: Vote by Mail, Vote Early; Ballots to be Counted Up to 17 Days After Election
Imperial County voters cast their ballots at a mobile voting unit on Nov. 6, 2018. | FILE PHOTO

ELECTION UPDATE: 11,100 Ballots Remain; McCabe Flips Again; No Other Races Change

Some 8,084 new ballots were processed over the last 24 hours, leaving a total of around 11,100 ballots left to be counted from the Nov. 3 general election, according to the latest update from the Imperial County Registrar’s Office.

The summary report for Tuesday, Nov. 10, showed there are 4,100 mail-in ballots remaining and 7,000 provisional ballots left to be tallied.

Also, Tuesday’s report showed that the total turnout has risen to 46.54 percent now that some 39,148 ballots from the county’s 84,123 eligible registered voters have been processed.

With the remaining 11,100 still to be counted, projections are on track for about a 60 percent total turnout for Imperial County once the election is certified by Dec. 3.

The only race to change since the Monday update was the McCabe Union Elementary School District contest for the third and final seat in the board.

Incumbent Trustee Michael T. McFadden and challenger Alec Austin Hendry have switched places several times, and did again in the last 24 hours.

However, this time, Hendry seems to have pulled ahead of McFadden by one of the largest margins so far.

Hendry had 955 votes, or 19.26 percent of the votes cast in the race, to McFadden’s 939 votes, or 18.94 percent.

That’s essentially a 22-vote swing for Hendry, who trailed McFadden after the Monday, Nov. 9, update by six votes.

Incumbent Karina B. Alvarez and challenger Dr. Edgar Aguilar have never moved their first and second places, respectively.

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