The members of pop punk band Sweet Orange recreate the cover of the Beatles' "Abbey Road," only in the desert: guitarist Fernando Beltran (from left), bassist Quintin Millan, drummer Reyes Ortiz, and lead singer and guitarist Ricardo Zuniga. | COURTESY PHOTO

ONLINE SPECIAL: Sweet Orange’s ‘Desert Island’ Records

CALEXICO — The members of Calexico-based pop punkers Sweet Orange were asked to name their “Desert Island” records: if stranded at sea on a desert island, which seminal albums (either influential or just favorite jams, from start to finish) would be required listening.

The Growlers’ 2014 release, “Chinese Fountain,” is one of Sweet Orange drummer Reyes Ortiz’s “Desert Island” albums. | COURTESY IMAGE

Reyes “Kings” Ortiz, 24, of El Centro, drums:

  1. “Chinese Fountain” by The Growlers (2014)
  2. “The Frights” by The Frights (2013)
  3. “Freedom is Free” by Chicano Batman (2017)

Quintin “Q” Millan, 22, of Calexico, bass/vocals:

  1. The White Album (“Weezer”) by Weezer (2016)
  2. “Pacific Daydream” by Weezer (2017)
  3. “The Getaway” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (2016)
  4. “Everything Seems Like Yesterday” by The Frights (2020)
  5. “California” by blink-182 (2016)
Weezer’s 2017 album, “Pacific Daydream,” is one of Sweet Orange bassist Quintin Millan’s “Desert Island” records. | COURTESY IMAGE

Ricardo “Richie” Zuniga, 22, of Calexico, lead vocals/lead guitar:

  1. “City of Evil” by Avenged Sevenfold (2005)

Fernando “Ferny” Beltran, 21, of Calexico, rhythm guitar:

  1. Wallows (the band; Ferny did not name an album)
“City of Evil” (2005) by Avenged Sevenfold is Sweet Orange singer and lead guitarist Richie Zuniga’s “Desert Island” album. | COURTESY IMAGE
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