IID Awards $15K in College Scholarships to Students

Imperial Irrigation District, during its Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, May 18, awarded $15,250 in scholarships to 17 high school students who are related to district employees and pursuing their education at an accredited college, university, or trade school this fall.

“The Student Scholarship Program was established in 1991 to help high school graduates, dependents of IID employees, who will continue to further their education,” IID board President James Hanks said in a press release. “We are very proud of this program and glad the district can assist its hardworking employees and their families in a small way.”

These students have obtained a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade-point average. This year, the district received 17 applications from highly motivated high school seniors who met or exceeded the requirements, the release stated.

 The top academic achievement scholarships, valued at $2,000 each, were awarded to Vanessa Ramirez of the NOVA Academy of Coachella, who earned a 4.55 GPA, and to Jazlyn Butler of Imperial High School, with a 4.24 GPA.

The district also awarded $750 scholarships to 15 other students to help with their future education. Those recipients are:

  • Armando Alvarado, Central Union High School
  • Kailee Amparano, Imperial High School
  • Amelia Brock, Imperial High School
  • Zoe Charlton, Imperial High School
  • Noah Figueroa, Central Union High School
  • Lauren Gilbert, Southwest High School
  • Skye Lopez, Imperial High School
  • Sophia McMahon, Palm Springs High School
  • Yazmin Ornelas, Holtville High School
  • Jennifer Ortiz, Calexico High School
  • Jazlyn Peraza, Southwest High School
  • Vanessa Quinones, Central Union High School
  • Abraham Ramos, Holtville High School
  • Angel Velazquez, Southwest High School
  • Domingo Reyes Quiroga, Southwest High School
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